Full Flight Simulators

FSTD CRJ 200/700 FSTD CRJ 700/1000

HOP!-TRAINING offers 2 flight simulators which comply with qualification requirements prescibed in Part-ORA and conform to 3 regional airliners:

  • BOMBARDIER CL600 RJ-200 (FFS and GFS)
  • BOMBARDIER CL600 RJ-700 (FFS and GFS)
  • BOMBARDIER CL600 RJ-1000


Our databases are updated at regular intervals in order to fully satisfy the requirements of our Clients (airports, FMS, etc.).

Each of our full flight simulators includes a computer-assisted debriefing system (CADS) incorporating  the flight video screen, the 3-D view, the approach page and the main instruments onto one single screen.

You can rent our approved flight simulators, with or without flight instructor.